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Latent variable modeling

Multivariate mixture estimation MME is applicable to continuous data, and assumes that such data arise from a mixture of distributions: imagine a set of heights arising from a mixture of men and women. If a multivariate mixture estimation is constrained so that measures must be uncorrelated within each distribution it is termed latent profile analysis.

Modified to handle discrete data, this constrained analysis is known as LCA. Discrete latent trait models further constrain the classes to form from segments of a single dimension: essentially allocating members to classes on that dimension: an example would be assigning cases to social classes on a dimension of ability or merit. As a practical instance, the variables could be multiple choice items of a political questionnaire.

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The data in this case consists of a N-way contingency table with answers to the items for a number of respondents. In this example, the latent variable refers to political opinion and the latent classes to political groups. Given group membership, the conditional probabilities specify the chance certain answers are chosen.

LCA may be used in many fields, such as: collaborative filtering , [3] Behavior Genetics [4] and Evaluation of diagnostic tests. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Weinheim: Beltz. Behavior Genetics. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

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Correlation and causation.

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